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Association régie par la loi 1901-Reconnue d'intérêt Général en mars 2006

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We wanted to give direct help to farmers and improve their working conditions. We were advised by the Head-sister and a community worker from the international organization « CARITAS ». We decided to choose the women’s group, already set up in the village of ALAFIAROU,  which is in the commune of Péréré.
We made an appointment with the community worker, Thérèse, and the women’s group, to find out what the group needed most in order to improve their efficiency.

dansesThe women were told we were coming and while we waited for latecomers they performed solo and choral songs and traditional dances to the rhythm of a drum. The dancers approached the guests hoping for a donation for their display. The money they collected was shared between them.  devant magasinI always have my camera to record the needs of the village. We hope that our help will improve their everyday life. This women’s group appeared dynamic and we hope that our effort to stimulate progress will affect the neighbouring villages as well. 
magasinOur first visit to this village was in January 2006. If the village could have a storehouse to stock cereals, they would no longer have to depend on the hazards of the climate and the merchants, and could control their stock. The profit they made by selling surplus grain when prices were high, could be reinvested or shared among the members of the group. 
céréalesThe cereals treated for pararasites can only be consumed after a period of 6 months. These reserves allow them to avoid famine and regulate the market.
moulinIn 2008 we financed a manioc mill to produce the flour called "garri". In October 2008 they asked us for a mill to shell maize, but the community of Péréré gave them a hand mill on temporary loan, which is better than shelling the corn by hand!  les hommesThe men are responsible for maintaining the equipment. They participated in building the storehouse and they sell their harvest to the women’s group.
foyerA rudimentary cooking hearth
Photo with the women’s group leaders and the village men in Alafiarougroupe panierBasket-making

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